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About Us

Why We Started the Website:

After nearly 20 years of handling the design elements at a landscaping firm, I decided to concentrate my energy in the outdoor patio furniture market. Over the years I had seen many of our clients have no idea what style or type of backyard dining or patio sets to purchase even with a little guidance from our team. I knew there was a need for a quality website which showed homeowners just which patio furniture held up the best in all weather conditions. Our team is dedicated to constantly researching and listing the very best outdoor furniture and patio sets that are available. We never review any item that was given to us, so you can rest assured that our comments and feedback are 100% based on more than 2 decades of experience in outdoor landscaping and design elements. We welcome user comments and personal opinions you may have on any particular outdoor set you have owned. Thanks for shopping on our website.

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