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9 Piece Teak Wood Luxurious Outdoor Dining Set

9 Piece Teak Wood Luxurious Outdoor Dining Set:

Product Review:

9 Piece Teak Wood Luxurious Dining Set - You may be asking why teak? It's one of the few natural woods that provides great durability and water resistance. Outdoor furniture is perfectly suited for teak wood. The teak wood has high oil content, tight grain, and high tensile strength. You will often see teak patio furniture (if left untreated) turn to a silvery-grey finish as it matures. This is totally natural and not something to be concerned with. This particular 9 piece teak dining set looks great in any setting. The table dimension is 71" long by 40 inches wide but you can insert the extension and the table is now 94 inches long. The 8 stacking arm chairs are well built and provide enough support for the lower back region and your backside. Need a softer seat - order cushions for the chairs (Sunbrella cushions are recommended). When it comes to assembly, not much is required of the owner. Much of the table and chairs will be in partially assembled sections. What about an umbrella? Not all owners want this feature, but there is a nice 2" hole in the table designed just for that. Just insert the umbrella into the preconfigured hole and you are all set. One suggestion on teak oil. You should definitely treat the teak wood as soon as possible. There are teak oil dipping services offered with some furniture stores. You could also do a varnish finish. Owners said customer service from the distributor was first rate. We personally love real wood outdoor furniture, but if not treated properly it won't last. If you live in rainy or humid climates, get the teak treated immediately. A few coats of oil should do the trick. The stackable chairs make for easy storage in the off seasons. So far no problems with our table/chair set. Price is about $1750 - this seems very fair given local furniture costs for the same table are well over $2000.

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