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Ohana Collection Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7-Piece All Weather Set

Ohana Collection Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7-Piece All Weather Set:

Product Review:

Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7pc All Weather Couch Set - As backyard decor consultants, we encourage many of our clients to purchase this set. It's totally configurable with 2 corner sofas, 2 middle sofas, a coffee table, and 2 ottomans. If eating at an actual dining table is not the most important aspect of being outdoors, then the Ohana collection is ideal. The coffee table is certainly large enough to handle drinks and food if you go that route. The resin wicker is woven by hand which provides durability in all weather environments. The coffee table comes with safety glass which is easy to remove and store during the winter months. You get all aluminum frames which are powder coated to ensure a weather proof result. One of the nice touches are the stainless steel feet (they do not rust) - great stability and looks. The inclined back cushion is designed to give you lower back support, so you can lean back with comfort. The 4 inch cushions are certainly ample enough to support most adults and kids. Velcro straps hold the cushions together and they are made with Spuncrylic fabric so they are weather, fade and UV resistant. Cleaning is rather simple, just hose down with cool water or spot clean with a sponge. The cushion covers have zippers, so unzip and remove to hand or machine wash. They suggest air drying only. We did find that some stains are harder to remove than others. For instance, if your kids like to eat flavored potatoe chips like Nacho Cheese, those orange fingerprints can be tough to get out. What we liked is that there is NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. The 7 piece set comes fully assembled - just take pieces from box and set them up. Laslty the reinforced seat frames are great for longevity. The added support will prevent sagging which is common on cheaper outdoor furniture sets. Overall we rated it 5 out of 5 stars for materials, durability, style, weather resistance, and price. Ohana is very reputable and their customer service is responsive.

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