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7 Piece Patio Furniture Set

Best 7 Piece Patio Furniture Set:

When you are looking for patio furniture, there are several things you will need to consider before purchasing anything. Firstly, what type of material will you want the furniture to be made from - cast aluminum, wicker, or perhaps teak. All 3 materials hold up quite well in all climates. Second, you need to determine if the patio set will need to have a table or is it more for relaxation than dining. Even if you choose one of the Ohana wicker sets that doesn't include a formal dining table, you will still get a coffee table as the centerpiece which can be used to hold food and drinks. We often recommend the wicker patio sets with sectionals, chairs, and coffee tables because they are more versatile for outdoor relaxation. The cast aluminum tables like those from Home Styles look great with rust bronze finishes but they are not necessarily the best for kicking back near the pool. Teak is another option and one that works well whether you are putting the table and chairs on grass, the patio, or your deck. Teak has to be oiled or you will find it fades to a gray color. Not the worst, but we prefer the natural teak color over the gray. Some tables don't come with umbrellas or even holes for an umbrella. All good things to look at before buying anything. When it comes to care and maintenance, we would say that the resin wicker patio sets are the easiest out there. Very little care is required on those. The teak is probably the hardest to keep up, but it is possible with a yearly oiling or staining. The cast aluminum really comes down to how well the manufacturer put the finish on. If done properly, it should last a decade or more. We always suggest covering outdoor patio furniture in the winter or when you are not going to be using it for weeks on end. The 7 piece patio furniture sets are the most popular partly because 6 chairs and a main table are what most of us need. You can always add an extra chair or two around the table if you have more guests. The 7 piece outdoor sets without a main table are configurable in a variety of setups which makes them enticing too. We suggest the 7 piece wicker sets for those that are ok with more of an informal environment. Many of our clients are perfectly happy with their wicker patio furniture doubling as a dining set when needed. Check out the best selling 7 piece patio furniture and dining sets here. The top brand name in the industry is Ohana, their outdoor furniture is weather resistant, durable, and when treated properly will last 10 years or more. Colors - you'd be surprised at how bright some manufacturers make them. Luxxella has turquoise, red, orange, light beige and more.


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