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Adirondack Chair Reviews

Best Adirondack Chairs:

Nothing says relaxation more than a nice adirondack chair. They are the epitomy of backyard enjoyment - overlooking a beautiful lake or perhaps just your lawn or patio. Adirondack chairs offer a curved back and wide seat so you can melt into the chair and relax. The chairs are often made with real wood, although the plastic and synthetic lumber adirondack chairs are very popular these days. The authentic chairs require yearly staining or repainting in order to maintain their look. The Highwood Hamilton Folding and Reclining Adirondack Chair is a great example of one made with synthetic wood material that will not rot, warp, crack, or split - no matter the weather conditions. Did we mention they won't fade either and require very little yearly maintenance beyond a simple wash down with soap and water. Most adirondack chairs come in adult and kid sizes. You will find many are foldable making them much easier to store in winter. What about comfort? The vast majority get superior ratings for comfort from owners and all the ones we have listed on our page here rated the highest in terms of comfort, ease of assembly, and durability. The one complaint from homeowners is that the adirondack chairs can be expensive. We will agree with that notion as many are upwards of $200 each. The good news is that the expensive adirondack chairs will last a long time. We do like the look of natural wood chairs made from cedar or fir, but the upkeep on those can be tedious each year. If maintaining outdoor furniture is not something you want to take on, then go with the synthetic wood adirondack chairs and you won't regret it. The plastic chairs are cheap and lightweight - we recommend staying away from that type. View the best selling adirondack chairs here.

Best Adirondack Chair:
#1 : Highwood Hamilton Adirondack Chair - One of our favorites that is offered in adult, king and kid sizes. Choose from 6 color options (Coastal Teak, black, white, weather acorn, etc.). The synthetic wood material will never split or need repairing. You get a 12 year warranty on the chair and it's made in the USA. The chair is foldable and cleans up easy with soap and water. No need to stain, paint, repair split wood, etc. These are no hassle adirondack chairs that are made from solid pieces and offer up durability and comfort. There is a beautiful side table and ottoman that are sold separately if you want to add to your set. The chairs priced at about $250/each and take roughly 30 minutes to assemble. If you want a backyard patio chair that will last for a decade or more with little to no maintenance, then go with the Highwood adirondack chair. Owners are totally satisfied with the quality and long term durability of these.

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5 Star Rating
Best Folding Adirondack Chair
#2 : Lifetime Adirondack Chair - We absolutely love Lifetime outdoor products and this adirondack chair constructed with UV protected simulated wood is no different. The synthetic wood material will not chip, crack, or peel and it's stain resistant and easy to clean. There are stainless steel screws and assembly is fast and easy. Your outdoor living space will be transformed into a comfortable and relaxing zone when you purchase a set of adirondack chairs. The assembly goes quicker if you use your own tools. Often manufacturers include basic tools that are difficult to maneuver and that is the case here. We suggest using a 5/32" Hex key bit instead of the allen key they supply. It should save you a lot of time. They are superior to plastic adirondack chairs and the Lifetime warranty is hard to beat. The chairs sell for about $185.

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5 Star Rating
Best Wood Adirondack Chair
#3 : Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair - Real wood outdoor furniture is what many homeowners want, so we are putting this product in our top 3 listings. The chair looks and performs like teak wood. Comes with a built-in ottoman. The only tricky part to owning hardwood furniture outdoors is that you need to maintain it yearly. You can purchase hardwood oil if you want to keep the chair looking new. If left untreated the chair will change to a silvery finish. We like that the Eucalyptus hardwood is durable and sustainable, but having to maintain the chair yearly is still not what we would want. If you like the traditional cedar or other hardwood adirondack chairs, this particular model could serve you well. The bonus ottoman is a plus. Assembly is rather simple - about 16 screws and you are done.

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5 Star Rating

Photos of Adirondack Chairs:

Adirondack Chair Adirondack Chair Adirondack Chair Adirondack Chair

Key Features to Look For:

- foldable
- durable
- sythetic wood or authentic wood
- easy to assemble
- easy to maintain


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