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Cast Aluminum Patio Dining Set Reviews

Best Cast Aluminum Outdoor Dining Sets:

Beyond resin wicker, cast aluminum is really the only other style of material that we recommend for outdoor patio furniture. Cast aluminum table sets are almost all powder coated and finished to look beautiful. They will last a lifetime if taken care of properly. It doesn't require much maintenance, the only damage that can be done is if it gets chipped or cracked. They range in size from the small bistro sets with table and 2 chairs up to 9 and 11 piece sets. Home Styles collection is one that we feel meets the highest standards for cast aluminum patio sets. The Biscayne 5 and 7 piece sets are the popular ones - available in black or rust bronze finishes. The tables are either round or oval in shape. What we tell our clients is that the Home Styles tables all have the hole in the middle for umbrellas. That is not something found on all patio tables and certainly a feature you need to consider. If the weather conditions in your area are extremely hot in the summer, it's nice to have some shade while eating or relaxing. Even if you don't use the umbrella function all the time, at least you know it's there. Most chairs don't come with cushions, so search for pillows that will fit. You will find both swivel and stationary chairs. Cast aluminum is much more durable than the tubular pieces of outdoor furniture or other metals. If you prefer to enjoy your outdoor living space without the hassle of cleaning or repainting wooden furniture, go with cast aluminum. Prices go from $150 for the cheaper bistro sets up to $2000+ for the high end 11 piece table and chair sets. Online is your best option for buying - that way you can quickly compare prices. There are seasonal discounts at home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe's and they are worth checking out come Fall.

Best Cast Aluminum Patio Set
#1 : Home Styles 5554-328 Biscayne 5-Piece Outdoor Dining Set - A much different style table than the 9 piece Cassona we list as well. This 5 piece cast aluminum outdoor patio set features a round table (42 inches in diamater) with 4 arm chairs. This table has a center hole for an umbrella (add another $150) which would be a nice addition if you are wanting to get some shade. There is some nice detail work in the table and chairs. Cheaper tables have hollow aluminum or tubular outdoor pieces. The Biscayne set features solid, cast aluminum that is powder coated and then finished with a clear coat to protect it even more. There are nylon glides on all legs. Assembly is not bad, but use your own combination wrenches since the stamped steel wrench they provide is less than adequate. The table portion is well packed and easy to assemble. Make sure you are careful since they ask you to assemble it upside down. Put down a tarp or blanket to protect the finished surface. The chairs don't come with any cushions so that is something else to consider. Although it sounds like we are picking this table apart, it is really a fine patio table set. Just realize it's in the 'budget' level in terms of price and there are some features you are going to sacrifice in this price zone. Overall customer reviews are very favorable for the table except for some assembly issues (as noted above). The big plus is the ability to put an umbrella with a base stand and instantly get yourself out of the sun and enjoying the outdoors even more on warm days.

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5 Star Rating
7 Piece Cast Aluminum Outdoor Dining Set
#2 : CBM Outdoor Patio Furniture 7 Piece Aluminum Dining Set - At $2000 we were naturally a little cautious in recommending it to our clients. The outdoor patio set is made of genuine cast aluminum with a powder coated satin finish. So yes, it looks tremendous. The table is 83 inches long and 42 inches wide. You will find the quality is first rate and durability is not a question. The swivel chairs come with cushions and the backs have a beautiful design (see photos below). The table itself weighs 88 pounds and the chairs are quite heavy too (26lbs/each). Assembly is required. Although easy, it does take some time. Expect 1 1/2 hours to do it all. Once put together you will find the table to be sturdy and well made. The swivel design on the chairs is a plus. So many times I'll be sitting with my back to the pool and I can easily turn the chair to glance over in that direction instead of straining my neck to view the kids. Place the table on grass, cement, decking, .. you name it. I think the design quality and intricate detail of the metal are what set this table apart from others. You could definitely go with a more plain style and save a few $100, but your guests will be talking about this table when they come over. Seats 6 comfortably and we often add a few extra chairs around the table if we host 8 or more.

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5 Star Rating
Best Cast Aluminum Patio Set Under $1500
#3 : Hanover Traditions 7-Piece Deep-Cushioned Outdoor Dining Set. We really like the Hanover brand and this 7 piece set is priced just right. The top selling feature is that the table will remain rust free for the lifetime of the furniture. You get blended extruded-aluminum and decorative-cast components that have a multiple coat finish. Owners also mention the decorative design work on the cast tabletop. The lattice accented basket weave design is an added bonus. You get 4 deep cushioned dining chairs and 2 deep cushioned swivel rockers that feature a 360 degree spin. The table is 72 inches long by 38 inches wide. The cushions are fast drying, UV protected, stain resistant and maintain their original shape after years of use. There is a center hole for an umbrella which you can buy separately. Consumers describe the table as 'elegant' and 'backyard dining at it's best'. Minor assembly is required. Comfortable chairs and durable table is how we see this value purchase. Great for entertaining guests in your backyard or just relaxing on a warm summer evening. Outdoor dining should be easy to do and with this 7 piece set, your entire family can enjoy the outdoors with minimal maintenance required on the chairs or table.

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5 Star Rating

Photos of Cast Aluminum Dining Sets:

cast aluminum dining set cast aluminum patio set cast aluminum outdoor dining cast aluminum table and chairs

Key Features to Look For:

- weather resistant
- oval/round table
- stackable chairs
- hole in table top for umbrella
- durability
- easy to maintain


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