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Gazebo Reviews

Best Gazebos:

Owning an outdoor dining set or backyard patio furniture is wonderful, but adding a gazebo to the setting can make all the difference. Gazebos are designed to provide shade from the sun and cover when it rains. Those that live in areas like Florida know that it can rain one minute and then be total sunshine the next. A gazebo provides your outdoor living space the added comfort it needs. Most gazebos that we reviewed offer over 100 square feet of patio cover - this allows for almost all outdoor furniture configurations to fit underneath. The canopy should be weather resistant and fade resistant. Also, you'll want to make sure the gazebo can be secured to concrete or a deck. Some come with concealed anchor plates so that you can bolt it to the surface. Ground stakes are ok as well, just make sure it's secure if you happen to live in a windy area. The biggest complaint with gazebo owners are from those that live in high wind regions and they are constantly having to worry about the gazebo blowing away. How is assembly on backyard gazebos? We found that the majority are put together within 2 to 3 hours time and it's mainly the framing that requires the most work. In case of severe weather, most allow you to remove the canopy within minutes. No sense in leaving the canopy on top if you know that a storm is approaching. A few of the luxury gazebos have mosquito netting that secures to the posts and allows you to make the most of the long evenings without worrying about mosquitos. Zippered netting is the best if you can find it. The STC Madrid Gazebo features a roof made of all-weather twin-wall opaque polycarbonate. The roof has a wind vent to help in windy areas. Great for patio furniture or spa protection - even in the winter. The polycarbonate hardtops are nice, but some owners mention that they do not completely block the sunshine from coming through. Some are described as 'dark tinted' and they do a good job of filtering out most of the sunlight. We also like the hardtop gazebo from Sunjoy. The materials will resist rust, corrosion, and chipping. The octagonal configuration with eight posts is really secure. Looks beautiful when fully assembled. For those of you that want netting (in case your gazebo doesn't come with it), we suggest going to It's pretty cheap to get your sides fitted properly. As for pricing - we found some of the cheaper models selling for less than $500. Those are typically ok for regions that get less wind. When you get up to the $1000 to $2000 range, expect higher quality materials, canopies that are truly weather and fade resistant, and the ability to bolt the gazebo securely to whatever surface you place it on. We suggest you browse the best selling backyard gazebos here.

Best Gazebo
#1 : STC Valencia Gazebo - A beautifully constructed gazebo with a Sunbrella canopy that is both weather resistant and fade resistant all while filtering the sunshine. The frame top is steel and the posts are aluminum, all corrosion free materials since they are powder coated. Want to attach this to your deck or bolt it to a concrete patio? The concealed anchor plates are perfect for that. Assembly takes 2 hours with 2 people and the finished product measures 11 x 14 1/2 (canopy). The entry height is almost 7 feet tall and you get 130 square feet of cover. The Sunbrella top has a 6 year warranty and the frame is 7 years. We suggest taking down the top canopy in the event of a major wind storm. It's simple to do and easy to put back up when the winds pass. Although we have seen this particular model withstand winds, it's always better to be safe than sorry. You can also add weight (sand usually works best) to the columns for added stability. Your outdoor retreat is waiting - whether you are covering a patio furniture set or something even more relaxing like a spa.

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5 Star Rating
Best Gazebo for High Winds:
#2 : STC Madrid Gazebo, 10 by 13-Feet - One of our favorites with a polycarbonate roof and the ability to provide 130 square feet of cover in your outdoor living space. The frame is durable and constructed of powder-coated extruded aluminum. The upper canopy support is steel and it too is powder coated which means no corrosion or rust. The gazebo can withstand, rain, sun, and wind. Two people are required on the assembly, takes less than 3 hours time. The roof is dark tinted so it will eliminate most of the sunshine that tries to get through. We like that the gazebo is usable year round in most climates. It's the perfect cover for a hot tub or just for relaxing on your patio furniture. The frame has a 10 year warranty and you can bolt the structure to wooden decks or concrete. Included are ground stakes. Makes a great addition to anyones backyard or patio space.

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5 Star Rating
Gazebo Solarium
#3 : Gazebo Penguin 41215 4-Season Solarium, 12 by 15-Feet - Looking for the ultimate enclosed gazebo for your yard. The Gazebo Penguin is well tested and highly recommended from experts and customers alike. The powder coated aluminum structure features a UV treated polycarbonate roof. It also has a 100% rust proof baked enamel finish. The sliding doors can be placed on any side and there are hooks so you can hang light fixtures on the inside. Many owners place this solarium over a hot tub so they can enjoy it year round even in rough weather climates. Holds up to snow, rain, and other weather conditions. Not too bad to assemble and we suggest anchoring it to your patio area if possible. Offered in 3 sizes, 12 x 12, 12 x 15, and 12 x 18. A great way to enjoy your backyard area year round. Perfect for fire pits, hot tubs, BBQ's, outdoor furniture and more.

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5 Star Rating
Hard Top Gazebo
#4 : ELLINGTON Hard Top Sun Shelter - Measures 10 x 12 feet with a charcoal color. We like the rustproof aluminum frame and the 8mm UV protected tinted polycarbonate roof panels. For those evenings when the bugs are bad, just use the PVC-coated polyester mosquito netting. The 4 season gazebo shelter gives you the shade you want in the hotter months and the cover necessary during the rainy or winter months. Put your outdoor dining sets inside or place the gazebo by your pool so you can relax in the shade. Roof panels take a bit of patience to assemble, but other than that it's fairly easy. We do suggest bolting/anchoring the gazebo down if you live in a high wind area (just for precaution reasons). Owners can't say enough about how much they like their gazebos. Great for entertaining in your yard or just enjoying a peaceful weekend outdoors.

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5 Star Rating
Best Value Gazebo
#5 : Ali Gazebo - Looking for a value priced gazebo, then perhaps this one will do. It's a 10 x 10 gazebo that sells for just over $300. It may not have the structural design of the more expensive models we have listed on the page, but for those with simple needs, it could work just fine. Many owners are able to secure it using weights (sand bags) at the corners. The canvas top secures to the frame and there is a vented opening near the top to allow hot air to escape. You can get netting to surround the gazebo if you want. Some of the home improvement stores sell cheaper quality gazebos that may not last more than a season or two. If you don't mind replacing the canopy top every few years (they sell replacements), then the less expensive gazebos may be what you are looking for. Browse the top rated patio gazebos here.

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4 Star Rating

Photos of Gazebos:

garden gazebo patio gazebo gazebo canvas gazebo

Key Features to Look For:

- weather resistant
- fade resistant
- mosquito netting or siding
- secures to ground/deck/concrete
- provides enough shade/cover
- easy to assemble


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