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Patio Heater Reviews

Best Patio Heaters:

Enjoying your backyard is something all of us like to do during the summer months. What about when the evenings get to cool? Do you run inside the second it gets too cold? Patio heaters are a great investment if you really want to be outdoors as long as possible when the weather is still ok. Outdoor patio heaters do an excellent job of heating up a small group of people - whether you are dining or just relaxing. Turn the heater on and stay outside a little longer. In some parts of the United States where the weather is cold and rainy during the fall and winter, it's nice to be outside during the summer as much as possible. The evenings can cool off quickly when the sun goes down, but owning a patio heater solves the heat issue. They run on propane and most are priced between $150 and $300. You've probably seen similar models in the outdoor seating areas of restaurants. Just flick a switch and you have instant warmth. We researched the top brands and looked into expert reviews done by reputable companies like Consumer Reports to give you our findings below. Fire Sense, Garden Sun, and AZ Patio Heaters make the traditional stand up patio heaters with propane tank at the bottom. These styles are the most popular and get high marks from consumers and experts. The infrared backyard heaters are gaining ground but reviews are less favorable compared to the gas lamp design heaters. What is pricing like? The Fire Sense commercial patio heaters go for about $150. Most come with wheels on the bottom so you can quickly and easily maneuver them around your outdoor furniture. The new igniters make lighting the heaters very easy. Also, make sure yours comes with a safety auto shut off tilt valve. This feature makes sure that if for some reason the heater gets knocked over that it will shut off and eliminate a fire hazard. The one drawback with certain models is the assembly. We read countless complaints from owners saying the written instructions are worthless. We suggest going directly to the manufacturers website (or Youtube) and watching the video instructions. It makes the process much simpler. Overall, customers are satisfied with the patio heaters ability to put out warmth and heat when the evenings get cold. For around $150 you will be able to enjoy your backyard that much more. View top selling patio heaters here.

Best Propane Patio Heater:
#1 : Garden Sun GS4400SS Floor Standing Propane Powered Patio Heater - The pros are the 41000 BTUs, warms up to 15 foot radius, has the safety tilt shut off valve, and the stainless steel burner and heating grid look great in any patio environment. Also available in black or green. The built in wheel kit allows for easy mobility. Cons - the assembly on all these upright patio heaters can be a bit daunting unless you have patience. Whether it's the Garden Sun or Fire Sense models, many customers complain about lack of written directions and parts that fit properly. As noted above, we say go directly to the manufacturers website to find the assembly video. It's much easier to watch a video on how to assemble one of these than try following the instructions in writing. Overall, owners are happy with the heat source outdoors and find they are spending more time in their patio or yards than ever before.

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5 Star Rating
Best Infrared Patio Heater
#2 : Infrared Wall Mount Heater Outdoor/Indoor - Not everyone wants a propane powered patio heater. The infrared heaters are great for outdoor and indoor uses. This outdoor infrared patio heater is a great heat source that operates silently and produces heat within seconds. It comes with adjustable wall mount brackets, but you can put it on a stand if that makes more sense for your backyard layout. Great for BBQ areas, decks, workshops, and patios. Customers like that no propane tanks or gas lines are required. Just plug it in and relax. There are similar infrared backyard heaters from Fire Sense and Solaira but reviews are less favorable overall.

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5 Star Rating
Backyard Fire Pit
#3 : Outland Fire Bowl 820 Portable Propane Fire Pit - Slightly different than the traditional stand up patio heaters, this fire pit design really does the job. At just a little over $100, the price is very reasonable for what you get. 58,000 BTU burner provides even heat dispersion and the flame is adjustable - burns smokeless and clean. There are no tools required, so setup is easy. When compared to the other patio heaters, this model from Outland is the simplest in terms of assembly. What about quality? Galvanized steel construction and a powder-coat finish make this fire pit/heater very durable. It comes with a 10 foot hose and a tank stabilizer ring. Great for outdoor living spaces where you want the look of a traditional camp fire and the warmth of a patio heater. Beyond your yard, they work great at the beach, when tailgaiting or camping.

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5 Star Rating

Photos of Patio Heaters:

patio heaters patio heaters patio heaters patio heaters patio heaters

Key Features to Look For:

- easy igniter
- stability for use in windy areas
- 40,000+ BTUs
- temerpature control
- wheeled base


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