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Porch Swing Reviews

Best Porch Swings:

Porch swings may seem old fashioned, but they are more popular than ever amongst consumers that enjoy their outdoor living space. Whether on your front porch or hanging from a tree in your yard, swings are relaxing and a great way to wind down your day. Many outdoor swings come with frames that allow it to be freestanding in your yard - maybe on the lawn or deck area. Porch swings are commonly hung from the beams that overhang a porch - just attach the hardware to the beams and hang the chains down to the swing itself. If you want the swing to hang from a tree branch, make sure the tree limb can handle the weight load. We suggest the A-frame style outdoor swings when looking to place it on patios, decks, lawns, etc. Most quality porch swings will range from $200 to $400. Those with umbrella tops or canopies may be slightly more. Assembly is typically a few hours to get them up and running properly. The swinging motion varies from model to model. Most are smooth with minimal swing. Look for those that offer cushions as sitting on hardwood or wrought iron can be tough on your backside. Cushions should be made with fade resistant materials so they can last in the sun or harsh weather conditions. The frames should be constructed of steel whenever possible. The wooden porch swings look great but make sure the wood is treated so that insects can't destroy it. View the best selling porch swings here.

Best Porch Swing:
#1 : Mainstays Outdoor Swing - Need a little extra seating in your outdoor living space? This porch swing with a beautiful canopy will be a great addition to your patio. The powder coated steel frame is durable and will last for years. You can even adjust the swing into a hammock position. The canopy will also adjust so you can get optimal shade coverage on those hot days. Assembly is roughly 1 hour with 2 adults working together. Tan in color, the porch swing will seat 3 comfortably. The polyester upholstery resists fading and any other discoloration due to weather conditions. Owners say it's easy to maintain and looks great year round. The perfect way to relax in your backyard after a long day of work. Our customers have placed this swing on porches, decks, patios, and around pools.

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5 Star Rating
Porch Swing with Frame
#2 : Mainstays Warner Heights Converting Outdoor Swing/hammock - Add some color to your backyard with this red outdoor swing. The porch swing will seat 3 comfortably and even converts from swing to hammock if you want. As the angle of the sun changes throughout the day, you can adjust the canopy top to retain shade. Assembly time is roughly 2 hours and the frame is solidly designed. All fabric on the cushions is 100% polyester so you know it's not only durable but easy to maintain. Customers say kids, adults and pets love sitting on the swing and relaxing. The swinging motion is light and gentle, soothing enough to rock you to sleep. The swing can go on a porch, deck, patio area, lawn, under tree, .. really anywhere if the surface is relatively flat.

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5 Star Rating
Hanging Porch Swing
#3 : Cypress 5' Handmade Porch Swing - This handmade cypress swing is truly beautiful and it comes with all the hardware you need to hang it up - steel nuts and bolts, brass screws, chain and hooks. All slats have been sanded and edges are rounded. Comes with the seat and back already assembled, the rest goes rather quickly. Cypress wood is one of the best you can purchase for an outdoor wood product. It is insect resistant that will essentially last a lifetime. Some of our customers paint or stain their porch swing. Where are you going to hang it? Yes, it's best if you have a structure like a porch that can support the swing, but many owners either hang it from strong tree limbs or build a small structure anchored to the ground for the swing to hang from Either way, the swing is well constructed and priced very fairly.

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5 Star Rating
Iron Patio Porch Swing
#4 : Tropico Iron Patio Porch Swing - This stylish wrought iron designed porch swing with the antique black finish makes a great addition to any outdoor patio area or front porch. You can hang the swing from a metal stand in your yard (swing does not come with a frame) or hook it up to your porch area. The wrought iron will hold up better in weather than typical wood swings. You will need to purchase cushions for the swing as it does not include those in the price. The swing is comfortable with a curved seat and back. Once you get cushions for it, you may never want to get back up. The swinging motion is smooth and glides you to sleep if you let it.

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5 Star Rating

Photos of Porch Swings:

porch swing hanging porch swing outdoor swing

Key Features to Look For:

- easy to assemble
- shade canopy
- sturdy frame
- quality hardware if hanging
- cushions

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