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Retractable Awning Reviews

Best Retractable Awnings:

Whether you are trying to provide shade for your outdoor patio furniture or just relax in your favorite chair without the sun beating down on you, owning a retractable awning can be a valuable addition to your backyard. They are easy to install against your house and you get instant shade for your deck, patio, or even pool area. What are they made of? Awnings can be made out of vinyl, canvas or other water-resistant fabric. We've even seen them produced with acrylic yarn - very breathable option. The majority of awnings are 10 to 14 feet deep (from the house to where they are extended out to) and 8 to 35 feet wide. The larger the awning, the more expensive they get. You'll need to measure your available space and determine the best fit awning for your backyard. There are 2 things that people are afraid of when buying awnings. They want to know if they are waterproof (rain resistant) and if they will hold up to wind. Too many awnings are ripped apart each year by wind storms so owners should be concerned. The big advantage to a retractable awning vs a permanent one is that you can always close it up when the wind storms roll through your area. SunSetter awnings have been advertised for years on TV and we have seen them for sale in stores like Costco. SunSetter still gets above average reviews, but some owners complain about parts missing when their product arrives. Since Costco and have some of the best return policies in the world, we suggest ordering from them whenever possible so that returns can be handled timely and fairly. We also found an excellent article on about retractable awnings and the pros and cons associated with them. The real drawback is price - but the advantages are many. They will not only protect you from harmful UV rays, they will protect your furniture (both inside and outside). Since they are retractable, you can simple retract them during storms or windy situations and not risk any damage. Other permanent awnings don't offer that option. The electric sensor on motorized awnings may need periodic replacing which can add to the overall cost of retractable awnings. Brands like Aleko, Outsunny and Awntech get better than average owner feedback and those are the brands we will focus on. Browse the best selling retractable awnings here.

Best Retractable Awning:
#1 : ALEKO 10x8 Feet Retractable Patio Awning - The Aleko is the perfect sized awning for covering things like patio furniture, a hot tub, or even your kids sandbox. The 80 square foot covering provides the necessary protection from sun or rain and it requires no electricity to function. You can manually open or close the retractable awning in about 1 minute. The hand cranked manually operated awning opens and closes smoothly and efficiently. How is installation? Very simple and basic. It took us 1 hour with 2 people helping to install the Aleko awning. There are add-ons you can purchase with this awning form Aleko. They offer a tubular motor ($120) and a wireless sun or wind sensor that will automatically open or close the motorized awning due to wind or sun detections. Wireless sensor is only needed on the motorized option - does not work with the manual awning. At $330 it's a good mid-range retractable awning that will last for years if taken care of. If you happen to live in a very windy region, make sure you retract/close the awning and protect it from unnecessary tears or rips.

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5 Star Rating
Manual Retractable Awning
#2 : Outsunny 12' x 10' Patio Manual Retractable Sun Shade Awning - Another excellent awning that is offered in 5 color options and measures out at 120 square feet of protected coverage. Installation is easy - go ahead and mount it above doors, on walls, pretty much anywhere. There are even pre-drilled holes and the mounting hardware made installing it simple. The awning measures 12 feet wide and extends out 10 feet. The canopy fabric is water-resistant polyester, but it is not weatherproof. We have had downpours where the water eventually soaks through. The nice thing about manual awnings is that you don't need to worry about electricity. No need for power cords, batteries or even outlets. The hand crank (63 inches long) will allow you to open and close the awning quickly and smoothly. We suggest closing the awning whenever wind or hail storms roll through. The awning could get damaged if left out in those conditions. Otherwise, the awning provides the necessary shade on hot days so that we can relax and use our patio furniture and enjoy the outdoors more often. Great investment compared to the expensive Sunsetter motortized options.

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5 Star Rating
Best Motorized Awning
#3 : 18FT SunSetter Coffee Stripe Motorized Awning - We couldn't do this article without including at least 1 SunSetter product. They have been producing motorized retractable awnings for decades. This awning comes with remote control and awning cover. Want to make your deck or patio 20% cooler on hot days? This awning from SunSetter will do that. It will also guard against the harmful UV rays from the sun. Why are they so good? The fabric is made of an exclusive multilayer vinyl material that is 100% waterproof and blocks 99.9% of UV rays. The fabric is also flame and mildew resistant. This particular model is $1600 while the 14 foot one is $1400. The Awntech motorized awnings are closer to $3000 to $4000 - that's a huge price increase compared to what you get from Sunsetter.

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5 Star Rating

Photos of Retractable Awnings:

retractable awnings retractable awnings retractable awnings retractable awnings

Key Features to Look For:

- easy to open and close
- waterproof
- manual vs motorized
- large enough to provide ample shade
- installs easily
- durable material


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