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Storage Shed Reviews

Best Storage Sheds:

When we started this website we focused only on outdoor furniture and dining sets. Then we received countless emails from our customers asking for storage solutions for their patio sets. Not everyone wants to leave their patio furniture outdoors year round, so having a nice storage shed to place all your equipment into makes sense. Your first decision is how much space will you need in storage for your things. Are you trying to put away chairs, tables, outdoor furniture, umbrellas, pool equipment? Each outdoor storage shed comes in different sizes and can accommodate varying amounts of items. When it comes to materials, you typically have a choice between metal, wood, and vinyl. Galvanized steel or aluminum are common in the metal shed construction. Steel-reinforced double polyethylene panels are what you find in many of the Lifetime brand sheds. Wooden structures for storage are ok, but do require more long term care due to weather related corrosion. Top brands include Arrow, Lifetime, Rubbermaid, Duramax, and Suncast. What types of features do you want on the interior of the storage shed? Looks for sheds with plenty of shelving, work benches, or even lofts. If lighting is an issue, skylights or windows are a nice feature so you can see what you are doing. You want a shed that utilizes the storage space wisely. Also, how is assembly? Some sheds are more difficult than others. We found that many take over 5 hours to do right. The good news is that companies like Lifetime and Rubbermaid put step by step video instructions online so if you get stumped along the way in building it, just follow their video to get back on track. How much are these sheds? The Lifetime 6405 8-by-10-Foot goes for about $1000. The Rubbermaid Slide-Lid Plastic Storage Shed sells for $475 and the Lifetime 7-Feet x 4.5-Feet Storage Shed is about $650. In our research, we went directly to the experts - like Consumer Reports magazine. We also talked with our local garden stores about shed storage units - which ones they recommend. Lastly, we've actually owned a few over the years and have our own feedback and opinions towards which models hold up the best and are easy to assemble. We have listed the most popular storage sheds in various categories down below. You can browse the top selling storage sheds online here.

Best Storage Shed
#1 : One of our favorites is the Lifetime 6405 8-by-10-Foot Outdoor Storage Shed for just under $1000. With 4 skylights, 2 screened vents, and 1 shatter proof window, there is plenty of light and ventilation in this shed. The steel reinforced doors open up to give you a large entry at 4 feet wide x 6 feet tall. The high density polyethylene floor has a slip resistant surface and is also resistant to things like stains and oil. The floor will not chip, peel, or crack. The roof is high pitched and steep enough so that any rain or snow will easily drain off. Interior storage is almost 72 square feet of space. You get two corner shelves, one 90" shelf, two 32" shelves, and one wood pegboard strip that is perfect for storing things like tools. If you have patio furniture, stack up the chairs or store your patio table inside during the winter months. The weather resistant seams keep the interior of the shed dry so that when it rains, your patio and outdoor furniture or equiment stays dry. You do need to have some kind of support system under the shed so the floor sets ok - things like poured concrete, gravel, or wood asphalt. The shed is virtually maintenance free which makes it a great product once built. Our customers say the shed is easier to put together than many of the Rubbermaid models and we agree. It may take a few sets of hands, but follow the instructions and it will go smoothly. The long term durability of Lifetime products is what sets them apart. Check out all the Lifetime storage sheds here.

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5 Star Rating
Small Storage Shed
#2 : Not everyone needs a larger shed like the Lifetime listed above. Perhaps the smaller Suncast BMS4900 Glidetop Slide Lid Shed is a better fit your outdoor storage needs. The Suncast BMS4900 comes in at less than $500 and offers up plenty of room for things like patio chairs, umbrellas, and even small tables or furniture. Assembly on this small storage shed is much easier than on the large units. We found the time spent on assembly range from 1 to 3 hours. We did ours in less than 1 1/2. The sliding lid on the top is a nice feature so you can have walk in access. The shed itself is easy to maintain and the reinforced sturdy floor holds up nicely. These sheds are perfect for those with smaller yards that need to take advantage of all the storage they can get. Also, we found some people in HOA controlled neighborhoods like this model best because it doesn't go above any fence lines. Suncast creates some great storage solutions for backards and this Glidetop Slide Lid Shed is a good start. View Suncast storage sheds here.

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5 Star Rating
Large Storage Shed
#3 : If you own a complete patio furniture set, you'll need some room somewhere to store it when not in use. Garages can fill up fast with cars and sports equipment, so having a backyard storage shed like the Lifetime 8-Feet x 12.5-Feet Storage Shed is a great solution. Large enough to store outdoor furniture sets, patio chairs, pool equipment, bikes, you name it. Made with high density polyethylene plastic, the shed is very durable and will hold up in all weather conditions. Lifetime suggests putting the shed on a level base - like gravel, concrete, or a 2 x 4 frame. Assembly is not too bad if you have 2 people helping. Things like the wall pieces, roof panels and corner pieces may require a second set of hands to get installed properly. The shed features 2 shatter proof windows, 5 small skylights, 2 screened vents, and shelving. The outdoor plastic sheds by Lifetime are really designed to last a lifetime. When you read owner reviews you will find comments like "still sturdy after 10 years" and "easy assembly, excellent use of storage space". We have owned many of the Lifetime products over the years and never had an issue. You pay a slight premium for their storage sheds, but once built they are there to stay.

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5 Star Rating

Photos of Storage Sheds:

storage shed outdoor garden shed backyard storage storage sheds

Key Features to Look For:

- easy to assemble
- use storage space efficiently
- weather resistant
- lockable doors
- ventilation
- durable


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