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Wicker Patio Furniture Reviews

Best Wicker Patio Furniture:

It's hard to beat resin wicker patio furniture for durability and minimal maintenance. In our years of helping homeowners purchase quality backyard dining and furniture sets, we always seem to get clients that eventually turn to all weather wicker as their material of choice. The resin wicker looks like natural wicker but it's produced with synthetic materials. Synthetic polyethylene is what you will find resin wicker patio furniture made from. There are major benefits to buying outdoor furniture made with this material. The furniture will hold up to rain, water, humidity, UV radiation, and be virtually fade resistant. What about cleaning? No problem at all, just hose it off and let it dry. What about the hassles of repainting? Those days are long gone. Resin wicker is sturdy, stable, and durable. The Ohana Collection is perhaps the most popular of the bunch. With sets ranging from 2 pieces up to 20, you can find any configuration option you want. From sofas, to ottomans, to chaise lounge sets, Ohana wicker furniture can supply it. Want bright colors? They have blues, reds, and greens that make any patio set stand out. We prefer the more neutral beige and charcoal colors. The majority of the wicker pieces are furniture versus dining tables and chairs. The sofa sectionals and chairs are meant for relaxing and entertaining around pools, patios, and decks. With near zero maintenance, owners love resin wicker. About the only difficult part is having to put the furniture away for the winter. There are storage options and covers available for most sets. If you happen to live in a mild weather climate - say Hawaii, Florida or Arizona - then keep the furniture out year round and enjoy it. Luxxella is another reputable brand and their turqoise collection is a best seller. If you are searching for a wicker table and chair set, then we say that your top choice should be the Atlantic collection. The Liberty 5-Piece Dining Set starts at $680 and the 9 piece set (8 chairs with table) goes up to $1700. When you look at owner reviews of these products you realize that almost all the wicker outdoor furniture gets above average reviews. The only complaints are for things like cushions. People say they are hard to clean or they are not comfortable enough. The actual furniture pieces hold up well and get zero complaints.

Best 7 Piece Wicker Set
#1 : Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7pc All Weather Couch Set - As backyard decor consultants, we encourage many of our clients to purchase this set. It's totally configurable with 2 corner sofas, 2 middle sofas, a coffee table, and 2 ottomans. If eating at an actual dining table is not the most important aspect of being outdoors, then the Ohana collection is ideal. The coffee table is certainly large enough to handle drinks and food if you go that route. The resin wicker is woven by hand which provides durability in all weather environments. The coffee table comes with safety glass which is easy to remove and store during the winter months. You get all aluminum frames which are powder coated to ensure a weather proof result. One of the nice touches are the stainless steel feet (they do not rust) - great stability and looks. The inclined back cushion is designed to give you lower back support, so you can lean back with comfort. The 4 inch cushions are certainly ample enough to support most adults and kids. Velcro straps hold the cushions together and they are made with Spuncrylic fabric so they are weather, fade and UV resistant. Cleaning is rather simple, just hose down with cool water or spot clean with a sponge. The cushion covers have zippers, so unzip and remove to hand or machine wash. They suggest air drying only. We did find that some stains are harder to remove than others. For instance, if your kids like to eat flavored potatoe chips like Nacho Cheese, those orange fingerprints can be tough to get out. What we liked is that there is NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. The 7 piece set comes fully assembled - just take pieces from box and set them up. Laslty the reinforced seat frames are great for longevity. The added support will prevent sagging which is common on cheaper outdoor furniture sets. Overall we rated it 5 out of 5 stars for materials, durability, style, weather resistance, and price. Ohana is very reputable and their customer service is responsive.

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5 Star Rating
Outdoor Wicker Dining Set
#2 : Cassona Wicker 7 Pc Dining Table Set - At just under $1500 this elegant outdoor wicker table can be setup 2 ways. Either 3 chairs on each side or 2 on the ends and 2 on each side. Most consumers we heard from said the 2/2/2 configuration was the best and left the most room for legs and arms. The table is well constructed and the UV environmentally friendly HDPE resin wicker is one that will last for years with very little maintenance or care required. The espresso color looks great in most yards and the 6 dining chairs features 2 inch thick cushions and zippered covers. You can remove the cushion covers if you want and wash them. The glass top to the table is easy to wipe down after meals and the wicker table below stays in great shape. Wicker is really the material of choice for those that live in areas with rainy weather. Up in the Pacific Northwest, wicker patio sets are everywhere. Newer homes being built with outdoor living space all have high end wicker furniture shown in the model homes. We do suggest a cover for the table and chairs, but it's not necessarily needed. Assembly of the table and chairs was quick and painless. One drawback again is the lack of a hole in the table for an umbrella. You can immediately fix that by purchasing an inexpensive cantilevered umbrella that will provide shade when you want it.

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5 Star Rating
5 Piece Wicker Patio Set
#3 : Urban Furnishing - RIO 5pc Modern Outdoor Backyard Wicker Set. Let's start with the good. There are 4 color options to choose from - beige, charcoal, lime green, and sea blue. The beige and charcoal are very neutral and great for almost any outdoor space. The lime green and sea blue colors are bold and best left for those that like standout style and decor. No matter which color you go with, you get an ultra modern look and a sleek design. The set is constructed with a durable, lightweight aluminum frame. This can be great for moving it around and easy on your back, but some owners complain that the chairs are too light. When you sit down on the chairs they can shift a bit. Also, eventhough the cushions are easy to maintain, comfortable, and water resistant, there is no secure way to keep them in place. Other brands offer things like velcro or adhesive strips or ties, but that is not offered with this set. The one plus, the cushions do zip off if you need to wash them. The sofa wicker sectional is really nice for smaller patios or pool areas where a table and chairs doesn't make sense. These are designed for relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. Owners from Florida said the furniture has been soaked by rain but dries quickly in the sun and the cushions have held up nicely. The wicker furniture makes for a bold statement in any backyard, but we like the comfort they provide. Great for neighborhood BBQ's, pool parties, or entertaining in the evening. The coffee table measures 3 feet x 2 feet by 1 foot high. Just enough room to put down drinks, appetizers, games, etc.

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5 Star Rating
Best Wicker Patio Set Under $1500
#4 : Luxxella Patio Mallina Outdoor Wicker Furniture 7-Piece All Weather Couch Sofa Set, Light Beige. Luxxella produces luxury patio furniture sets in a variety of colors. Their 7 piece set includes 2 ottomans, 2 corner chairs, 2 middle chairs, and 1 coffee table. You get modern styling with lightweight practicality. You will need a decent size area to host all this furniture. You can rearrange the wicker furniture into any configuration you desire. The frames are lightweight and made with high grade polyethylene wicker and commercial grade aluminum. These wicker sets are made to hold up through rain, sun, and other weather conditions. Luxxella literally produces some of the wildest colors for outdoor wicker furniture on the market. We are talking turquoise, red, orange, peridot and more. Most of their patio furniture sets sell between $900 and $2000. You can browse the most popular Luxxella sets here. Owner reviews are extremely positive and our customers enjoy the bright colors and stylish designs.

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5 Star Rating

Photos of Wicker Patio Furniture:

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Key Features to Look For:

- weather resistant
- padded cushions that are washable
- solid framing
- easily configurable


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