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Cassona Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 9 Piece Square Dining Table & Chairs Set

Cassona Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 9 Piece Square Dining Table & Chairs Set:

Product Review:

Cassona Wicker 9-Piece Square Dining Table - At $1800 this outdoor dining set is expensive but the quality design and construction provide you with a patio table and chairs that are both functional and comfortable. The wicker is hand crafted with premium materials, essentially weatherproof and maintenance free. The square dining table measures 60 inches by 60 inches and the glass top looks great. Lots of readers were concerned about shipping on such a fragile glass top, but they package it properly and there is little risk of damage. The chairs are 24 inches wide by 22 inches deep and 36 inches high. The seat depth is 17" and the foam cushions make for a comfortable place to rest your backside while enjoying your backyard. There is no umbrella hole in the middle so that can be an issue in locations where the sun can be extremely hot during the summer months. We recommend buying a cantilever umbrella so that the table can be in shade if you want. You could also go with a canopy/gazebo that would be more of a permanent structure over the table but still is open for fresh air or a breeze. Assembly is pretty straight forward. There is one caveat - when fastening the legs to the chairs, use your own socket wrench. The wrench provided with the table set is not good and will only lead to frustration. When searching for 8 person tables, more consumers report that the square tables are a better fit for conversation than the longer, rectangular tables. Lastly, depending on where you will store this table during the winter months (not that you have to), consider purchasing a table cover.

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